StarbridgeGroup Inc.
Kathleen Kurke

National Practice Leader

StarbridgeGroup Partner

Recognized as one of the top 10 recruiters in the industry

Officer in the Pinnacle Society

CSAM Certified

As National Practice Leader, Kathleen has remained a leader in the executive search industry for the last 17 years of her recruiting career. Kathleen was selected for membership in the Pinnacle Society in 1995, a recruiting industry honor society recognizing the top 60 executive recruiters worldwide, and serves on the Board of Directors of this prestigious society.

Kathleen has dedicated more than 25 years to the consulting and training industry and has worked professionally at almost every level for which StarbridgeGroup recruits. Kathleen is committed to staying abreast of the issues and trends of our focus industries (training, consulting, and learning technologies).

Her introduction to the training industry goes back to 1980, when she developed a set of training centers across the United States for a national non-profit organization.

Kathleen is unique in Search Industry, in that she has a personal appreciation for the perspective of the training buyer as well as a firsthand understanding of the realities of the training "vendor". This understanding has grown out of her long experience as both a buyer and a seller of training related services.

Early in her career Kathleen bought a well-known sales training program and taught it to thousands of fund raising executives. Later, Kathleen learned the "vendor" side when she sold for The Forum Corporation and successfully opened new territories. She came to understand the senior management issues when she was Vice President of Sales for an educational software and training firm.

Before moving into recruiting, Kathleen built a successful business strategy and training practice which she later sold to her largest client. Over the years, she has worked as a buyer, training manager, sales manager, instructor, course developer, and consultant. Kathleen’s experience in her industry specialty go beyond those of most recruiters, and uniquely qualifies her to be a highly valued business resource to our current and future clients.